The monthly work weekends will continue in 2016 (come one day or both). Volunteers are welcome almost any time, but these dates will focus on doing farm and land care.



June 10-11: Friday-Saturday afternoons, 1-?:

  • Friday afternoon – dig strawberry plants and harvest strawberries, nettles, dandelion greens and other things for market on Saturday.
  • Saturday morning – help at market is always welcome. Faribault Central Park.
  • Saturday afternoon – plant potatoes, weed berries, manage orchard. Possibly a compost run (weight lifting workout!) Possibly plant some trees.
  • Sunday is the flower essence workshop.

July 8-10: Friday-Sunday afternoons, 1-? – Gardens, weeding, compost, …

August 12-14 (second weekend), Friday-Sunday afternoons, 1-? – Gardens, weeding, compost, …

September 16-17: Friday-Saturday afternoons, 1-? (Retreat begins Sunday)

October 7-9: Friday-Saturday afternoons, 1-?

Even though the schedule is afternoons, overnights are still offered. Let me know, and also let me know if you need transportation help.


Physical work at the farm (usually third weekend, come for one or both days):

If you want to be on the volunteer email list, with full information, last-minute notices, carpooling help, and all that, email me at shodo.spring (at) gmail.com. And if you want to be present for a specific kind of activity (sugaring, carpentry, land care, etc) mention that.

February 20-21

  • Maple sugaring is the main topic: We will clean equipment, set up a better cooking fire, and (depending on weather) put taps in trees. The right weather goes above freezing in the day, below freezing at night. And walnut trees have a longer season than maples. So we can probably get started. At least we can get ready.
  • Second option is working on our indoor guest spaces, mainly by finishing a second downstairs bedroom, possibly other projects.

March 19-20

  • Continue sugaring
  • Start seedlings indoors
  • If weather allows, start on buckthorn removal.

NOT April 16-17: this is a retreat time, starting the MWA spring gathering. So work weekend will be

April 23-24

  • buckthorn removal
  • planting in the woods, to restore balance once the buckthorn is gone
  • probably some work with garden plants and/or orchard and berries.

May 7-8, 14-15, 28-30 – More of the same.

May 21-25 is retreat time, closing the MWA gathering.

  • Special skills: If you have skills in farming, gardening, land conservation, permaculture, construction, stonemasonry, woodworking, or preserving food, I will be particularly appreciative.  We are getting help on cooking for events (thank you Allison!) but there might be additional opportunities for cooking help.
  • If you would like to bring a volunteer group, let me know. We can set something up that works with your group’s interests and abilities.

Other volunteering: There’s quite a list of things people could do to help, most of them from any location. If any of these calls to you, get in touch with me for more information and a no-pressure conversation.

  • Communications: Announcements about things happening here. Sometimes that’s by blog post and email, sometimes facebook (event pages anyone?). Some events could get posters, newspaper listings, or other announcements. The “intro to Zen” retreat day would be one such, or a future workshop on rocket mass heaters (or many other topics). I just don’t have time to do it well. And possibly help me recruit future residents.
  • Volunteer coordinator (could be combined with Communications, or not): Answer questions, find out who’s coming to things, help carpooling, keep in touch with interested people, things like that. Could be a small or large job, depending on your preference.
  • Office help: Things are just getting too chaotic. I hear that’s a common problem with farmers. You would help me get organized and stay organized. Could be a small job or as large as you like. I can give more details.
  • Accounting help: no comment needed, I think.
  • Website: It would be nice to get out of this blog (with the old name) and into a real website, with a calendar and all that. Help would be great.
  • Legal help: I need to do some things with business structure. And file for our own 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. You probably wouldn’t have to be a lawyer, but definitely should be comfortable dealing with that world. A lot of the preliminaries are done – it’s not an overwhelming task.
  • Fundraising/development: What can I say? I’m terrible at asking for money. Yet it seems like there is a lot of enthusiasm for the vision. Somebody could guide me through the process, or take on certain parts of it.

Your creativity and skills are welcome here. Become a co-creator, turning the Mountains and Waters vision into reality. And receiving vast gratitude.



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