Event Calendar

These things will be in the calendar:

  • MWA: Alliance events including workshops, potlucks at the farm (third Sundays), talks and retreats.
  • ZEN: Zen events including the introductory class (third Wednesdays in Northfield), retreats and sesshins (fourth weekend).
  • FARM: Farm events including workshops and volunteer events. Volunteer days third Saturday and 2-4 third Sunday. (not in April, due to Earth Day and other events)
  • Anything else I think might be of interest.


  • 17 FARM workday all day
  • 18 FARM 2-4  work time, maple syrup
  • 18 MWA 5-6 equinox ritual
  • 18 MWA 6- potluck and social time
  • 21 ZEN 6:10 class in Northfield, Zen ethics
  • 23-25 ZEN sesshin – silent meditation retreat (contact if interested)


  • 4 ZEN 6:10 in Northfield silent meditation and discussion
  • 14 FARM 10-12 grafting workshop with Sarah Claasen, registration required
  • 14 FARM all day work day
  • 15 MWA potluck day including work 2-4, ritual 5-6, potluck supper and gathering
  • 18 ZEN 6:10 class in Northfield, “What’s it good for?”
  • 27-29 ZEN and MWA – Shodo is teaching in Columbus, OH.


see the Google Calendar for later events.

For planning ahead – there is a second Land Care Retreat  October 26-28.



I’m having a little time zone problem. Until it’s fixed – the Wednesday evening Zen events are at 6:10, not 5:10 pm. I’ll try to check on other things soon. Sunday potlucks are at 5 pm not 4, work periods are at 2 not 1. Not sure what the problem is.



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