Links for Research and Action

This is a gateway to information. Just a beginning, will be upgraded as time goes on. It will never be comprehensive. Eventually it will attempt to be international.


Land care, agriculture, sentient earth, and the like.

Wetlands in reducing nitrogen pollution:

“Microbial farming”

Action – environment

Here are some groups – and approaches – that I think are effective.

  • Community Rights organizing – the explanation is right there on the website.
  • Indigenous environmental action – Standing Rock, Honor the Earth, and others. Complicated because the communities are so challenged, but the vision of a whole culture, spirituality included, defending itself against colonization and genocide – it’s inspiring. I think Standing Rock changed the nation. (My European ancestors were colonized 1000 years before the North American peoples; we’ve forgotten too much about how to live.)
  • Climate Disobedience Center has my respect. Tim deChristopher is the most famous of them. They actually do material things to interrupt environmental destruction – like turning valves on pipelines. Mostly, I think they’re committed and serious; I respect them greatly.
  • Science and Environmental Health Network, and Women’s Congress for Future Generations – I’m watching them closely and participating a little.
  • Our Children’s Trust – suing the government on behalf of their own future.
  • And of course this work, Mountains and Waters Alliance. Change culture, change consciousness, AND work together with the other conscious beings of the planet.

Those are all environmental groups. I’ve chosen to focus on climate change even though I don’t ignore the rest. I always choose to work with the cause.


Spiritual groups

Impermanent Sangha

Sanshin Zen Community


How to Live (including anthropology, archaeology, fiction, and whatnot)

Ancient communities combined farming with wild food gathering

David Abram – Alliance for Wild Ethics


“Against the Grain – A deep History of the Earliest States”


Leonard Schlain – The Alphabet Versus the Goddess

‘Hills, Valleys, and States: An Introduction to Zomia’ – James C. Scott – with an excerpt here:

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