2017 Events

This page will have the most current listing of activities this year, with links for more information. This will include Zen events, farm events, and Mountains and Waters Alliance events.

Here’s what the coming months look like:

Volunteer and work days

  • May 27-28 Planting garden, pulling buckthorn, maybe weeding. Take home healthy berry plants for your own garden.June 10 A short day, 9-2 or so. More of the same.July 8-9 We’ll start at 10 am with a 2-hour presentation on permaculture. Then get to work – after lunch.July 17&26 A student group will be working here 9-5. Your company is welcome.

    August 5 – afternoon only: Stockade fence – see the July 31 post for details.

    Sept 9-10 We’ll see. Maybe orchard, maybe buckthorn.

    Oct 14-15 Definitely harvest.

    Nov 11-12 Late harvest and closing down for the season.

    How it works:

    • You can arrive at 9 or 1 any day, stay for a half day, a whole day, or stick around for potluck, community time, even overnight. Any time except June 10.
    • Lunch is offered if you are here. Snacks and water during work time.
    • Potluck is flexible – there’s always pizza in the freezer, and the magic nettle soup – but your contributions are also welcome. Same for breakfast in the morning.
    • Community time could be: walks, woods and river time; foot rubs; music; making ice cream; Q&A on Zen, permaculture, world events, or whatever.
    • Sunday morning zazen is at 6 am, if you’d like to join. Ask for instruction if you need.

    The projects named may change. If you have a particular skill or crave a particular kind of work (chain saw, building, digging, planting….) let me know. Ask if you need carpool help. There’s a serious possibility you might go home with berry starts, herbs, or something else, if you want. AND LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU PLAN TO COME.

Zen practice here

Daily (M-F throughout the year; check for exceptions):

  • 6 am zazen
  • 6:50 short chanting service
  • breakfast, work, free time
  • evening zazen during intensives

Monthly Retreats at farm):

June: No retreats because I’m traveling.

July 19 (only),

August to December: dates will change because I have a job. Retreats will be Thursday to Sunday, probably.

Please note: when alone, I just sit zazen all day. When people join me, I can offer zazen instruction, introduction to Zen, dialogue, and mindful work opportunities. It will always be fine to come to part of a retreat. By donation except for cost of food and fuel. I ask you to bring a cup of brown rice (or equivalent) for every meal you eat here.

In Northfield and elsewhere:

June 7, July 5 & 19, August 2, 16, & 30: The Northfield group will meet less formally during the summer, open to questions, discussion, and topics. We’ll still meet 6:25-8:30, with sitting meditation at beginning and end. Please bring your questions. Located at Northfield Buddhist Center, 313½ Division St, Northfield (park in rear).

June 24 or 25: At Sakyadhita International Conference of Buddhist Women, I’ll be offering a workshop. It’s in Hong Kong,

August 6: Dharma talk, Clouds in Water Zen Center, St. Paul, MN. Sunday morning, 9:35, http://cloudsinwater.org/meditation-schedule/

Sept 1-4: I will offer at least one workshop at Gathering of the Guilds, a Midwest permaculture gathering held just three miles from here.

January 13, 2018: One-day retreat with Red Clay Sangha in Atlanta, Georgia.

January 14, 2018: Dharma talk, Red Clay Sangha.

I’ll post other scheduled talks on the calendar here. If your group would like to arrange a talk, workshop, or retreat, please get in touch.

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