28 Jul

We’re on vacation from the Internet. This is because, after being stung by 20+ bees and taking a baking soda bath to soothe the bites, I slipped on a wet floor and dropped the laptop. It was still under warranty. The vacation has been about 10 days, and might be a while more. I notice that I was spending really a lot of time on the computer. No writing, no email, no library movies – this is the way I lived for maybe 40 years, why is it so hard now? The loss of easy distraction is forcing me to be more present.

So if I haven’t answered you, that’s why. Email by cell phone is just harder and slower.

The stings are gone, and I have a functioning body again – the hurt wrist and the tendonitis are both minimal, and it is a joy to pick up a bale of straw or a shovel, to swing a scythe. There have been little things – repairs on the truck, broken belt on tractor so the mowing is behind, a million mosquitoes. And the peas and beans now have to be picked every day.

There’s a core of people working on the farm, mostly paid but not all, and the feeling of teamwork is strong. And people I met last year or before are appearing again. I’m trying to remember the name of an absolutely wonderful woman who visited overnight, sat zazen with me, had lovely conversation, and made several very high quality bug hats. (How could she have disappeared from all my emails?)  Eight people came to last Saturday’s workday – three of them surprises. And people contact me about future visits or possible internships. I’m trying to keep the center: it’s about practice, about settling into the nature of reality, about living with the whole world in harmony – and letting go of thoughts.

Okay – I can’t upload the photos!

If you sign up for iGive right now (see Contact page, at top) we will get $5. Through July 31. Just saying.

Please be well and happy. I will write again when I can.




2 Responses to “Vacation”

  1. Myo-O July 28, 2015 at 6:24 pm #

    I so enjoy reading your posts. It’s so heartening what you are doing. I love it! Thank you.


  2. shodospring July 30, 2015 at 12:58 pm #

    Thank you so much!


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