Slowing down, outside

1 Apr

Dear Friends,

the river

the river

Spring is finally here. Outside barefoot today – back to normal tomorrow, but the forecast is pleasant.

This is outdoor work time. I’ll be posting less often, probably once a month. There will be gardening, orchard planting, and

Saturday's visitors

Saturday’s visitors

caring for the land. There will be volunteers, and visitors are still welcome. But organizing and fundraising can wait until fall, along with big projects like finishing the house renovation/solarization.

Volunteer dates include April 24-25 and May 9-10; activities include planting the orchard and berries, taking care of erosion in the woods (replacing invasives with natives), gardening, and whatever we may like at the time. Monthly 5-day retreats continue, and July 18-19 is scheduled for a joint teaching retreat with Justin Merritt (a Theravadin academic) and me co-teaching.

2015-03-29 15.32.48Sugaring season is almost over. Black walnut syrup is just about the best thing you ever tasted,

and next year I’ll tap more walnut trees. Foraging season is on; today I gathered and ate baby stinging nettles, and they’ll be feeding me well into the season of wood nettles, morel mushrooms, and the rest. Wandering in the woods season

is officially on; it’s a least a month until the mosquitoes appear.

Thank you all for your support.




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