Vairochana Farm Apprentice and Volunteer Schedule spring 2015

13 Feb

Hi everybody,

Here is a rough schedule of farm apprentice events for the spring, with extra opportunities interspersed (like this). But feel free to ask about another time. All spring we will have these things going on:

  • land care and later foraging
  • farming: first prep for orchards and gardens; later planting of same; later taking care of them
  • construction: more living spaces in the main house, because we have people coming to visit and/or live here

For all events:

  • Please register (email is best, to get details and arrange carpooling.
  • Wear outdoor clothes suitable for weather.
  • If you’d like to come Friday night, contact Shodo (shodo dot spring at gmail dot com);
  • otherwise we’ll start Saturday morning 9 am, optional overnight, and continue Sunday to 5 or dark.
  • We can work around local church commitments. Optional zazen Sunday 6 am.

sketch of design - 2014

Saturday, March 14: Some of us will carpool to a workshop in Amery, WI: Building a Regenerative Farm. It’s a perfect way to start off a season of learning.

Extra: (March 15: tap trees for sugaring – maple, box elder, walnut)

March 21-22: Work weekend focusing on maple syrup making. Expect to take home a pint of syrup – probably box elder or walnut, that’s what most of our trees are. Wear old clothes, bring rubber boots.)

Extra: (April 11-12: Land care – buckthorn removal and replacement, and erosion restoration at the old land bridge – if weather permits)

April 25-26: Site preparation for planting the orchard in the field by the road. We’ll work together with the professionals to strip till, create micro berms and swales, and bring in materials.

Extra: (May 4-6: Professional team will plant trees in the east field. Volunteer help is more than welcome.)

Extra: (May 7-8: plant berries and flowers in area north of driveway)

May 9-10: planting trees, follow-up, and berries. We’ll follow the plan laid out to complete the orchard. Depending on time, there’s also a buffer strip to plant, and the whole berry section (with flowers for pollination). The berry section will be fenced.

Extra: (late May, TBD: follow-up care of orchards and berries. Likely also some foraging – nettles at least, maybe other wild foods. )

There are also these non-farming activities offered:2014-12-02 Rohatsu

Sesshin – just sitting, 6 am – 9 pm, with 2-3 hours each day of mindful work:

February 21-25, March 23-27 (Monday to Friday), April 20-24 (M-F), May 25-29 (M-F)

and these off-farm activities:

Mountains and Waters Zen group in Northfield, 1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:30 at NBMC: Feb 18, March 4 & 18, April 1 & 15, May 6 & 20, etc. Come 15 minutes early for instruction; 313 1/2 Division St, easiest to enter from Washington Street.

I am speaking on April 12 at Northfield Unitarian Universalists. 10 am, 113 Linden St S. (Call me if you need accessibility information.) It’s possible to sit at NBMC and slip in a few minutes late to the service.

I hope to see you, here or somewhere.




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